March 17, 2020
Every person who has ever existed has been wired by God to worship. Everybody worships something. There are no exceptions to that. But by God’s grace, the Lord has transformed the hearts of believers to delight in worshiping Him. Certainly we worship the Lord personally. We worship the Lord in many ways throughout the week. But there is something special about worshiping the Lord together with fellow believers. …..


Verse of the Day

“Therefore, accept one another, just as Christ also accepted us to the glory of God.” — Romans 15:7 Listen to chapter . Powered by


God loves His church. Jesus Christ gave His life for His church and is the Head of the church. The Holy Spirit calls out and empowers the church for life and ministry. Therefore we feel it is an awesome privilege and tremendous responsibility to be an active part of a local church.
At Two Rivers Community Church we try to take that privilege and responsibility seriously. Our goal is to be God-centered and Biblically sound in all that we do.
  •      We seek to emphasize sound doctrine, devotion to God, and a daily lifestyle that is God-honoring.
  •     We want to be known for our love and unity and welcoming spirit.
  •     We want to equip and encourage households to be embassies for the kingdom of God.
  •     We want to be a part of our Lord’s commission to make the nations Christ’s disciples.
… to the praise of His glorious grace
We would love to have you join us.                                                                        
Anno Domini 2020
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