Here at Two Rivers, we set aside a time throughout the week to pray for missions and members of our Church. Please feel free to join us in prayer each week, or if you need prayer, we would gladly pray for you. 
“All nations whom You have made shall come and worship before You, O Lord, and they shall glorify Your name.” Psalm 86:9

MISSION FOCUS: Guinea-Bissau

Under Portuguese rule, Guinea-Bissau was a predominately Catholic nation. Since their independence, Islam has grown in prominence, and today roughly half the population claims to follow Mohammed. However, there is a high level of synergism between Islam, Catholicism, and African traditional religions. There is freedom of religion in Guinea-Bissau unlike other nations in the region, and Christians have gained respect from their humanitarian work during civil unrest. There is a great need for Scripture in the nation, but low literacy rates and poverty make this difficult.
  • Pray for spiritually mature, trained national workers to move outside urban areas to minister to less-reached people. 
  • Pray for distribution of oral Christian materials for the poor and illiterate.

James Roberson:

James is a NAMB Church Planter Missionary who works with The Bridge Church in Brooklyn, New York. Pray for James and his young church as they seek, reach, and disciple this difficult area with the Gospel.

Our Nation: 

Pray for President Trump and Vice President Pence that God would give them a heart to seek after biblical wisdom and lead in ways that are consistent with His laws.

Our Church:

“May The Holy Scriptures govern every part of our lives, and regulate the discharge of all our duties, so that we may adorn Thy doctrine in all things.” ~ The Valley of Vision pg. 383